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Late in Life Guide offers Professional Guidance & Community to late in life LGBTQ+ adults who want to feel more content, confident and authentic.

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The Late in Life Guidance Self-Guided Program is self-paced, comprehensive and it's only $197*!

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Kristie Brassard (she/her) is the founder of Late in Life Guide, a fellow late-in-life queer and a Professional Guide (MSW). She has dedicated her career to helping others, and specializes in supporting late in life LGBTQ+ adults in all stages of the coming out process (before, during and afterwards).

Kristie helps clients navigate the challenges of coming out later, while also helping late in life queers feel more content, confident and authentic.

Kristie Brassard (she/her), Professional Guide (MSW)

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"Kristie is not only an amazing clinician, but she is also an amazing human being! True and authentic compassion is how she approaches her work with clients, and it is very evident in her passion to help others find their true selves. In the time I've known her, she has helped me gain the perspectives I needed to recognize my strengths through seeing my experiences of adversity, as opportunities for growth and learning. This has encouraged me to continue to utilize and trust in the life skills and strategies I have learned, which has instilled confidence and hope in my life. Kristie is incredibly affable, kind, receptive, curious, respectable and someone who will encourage you to find your brave".


"I seek out support from Kristie in regards to my professional and personal life. I know I can count on her to be a great listener as well as honest and nonjudgmental. Kristie is one of the most authentic and caring professionals I know. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive, open and safe environment to work out their challenges".


"When I think of Kristie, I smile.  Thinking of her leaves me with a feeling of warmth and connectedness.  As a human, Kristie is kind.  She is thoughtful.  She is funny.  She is passionate.  She cares. As a professional, Kristie embodies all of these qualities, making her quite personable and easy to connect with. 

Working with Kristie is a warm, compassionate, and respectful experience, sprinkled with gentle challenging, clinical skills, and a smile or laugh, as she supports you along the journey that brought you to her".



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Blowing up your life as you know it is scary, and making big changes is tough! But know that you aren’t alone. We have all been there, and uncertainty is hard!

In this pocket guide, Kristie shares some tips for coming out late, insights about fear, uncertainty, and authenticity from her perspective as a fellow late in life queer and Professional Guide (MSW).

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